Peace Valley Broadband
Peace Valley Broadband was established in 2007 to provide
high-speed Internet to the Peace Valley Missouri area.  Peace
Valley Broadband is a service provider for the Peace Valley
Telephone CO local exchange area.  Peace Valley Broadband is
providing Broadband Internet service with speeds up to 1.5
megabits per second, up to 25 times faster then a standard Dial-up
Connection.  High-speed service is run through a combination of
Charles Industry carrier equipment and DSL Modems with no
equipment to buy or rent from Peace Valley Broadband.  All that is
needed is a computer with an Ethernet card or a wireless router
and a wireless card.  When considering Broadband internet over
Dial-Up consider that the cost is only 2.5-3 times the cost then dial
up and up to 25 times the speed.  Broadband internet does not
require a second line, does not tie up the phone line and allows for
watching streaming video and faster downloads.  In addition to
faster internet service our email service provides spam filtering
eliminating most junk email from ever making it to your computer.  
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Other Services
Peace Valley Broadband also offers Web Hosting and Domain Name leasing
for your website needs.  For information and pricing please
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