Services Offered

Peace Valley Telephone Co offers many services in addition to basic telephone service. Here is a listing of the additional services being offered:

  • Caller Id Number and Caller ID Name and Number
  • Call Forward Busy
  • Call Forward No Answer
  • Remote Call Forwarding
  • Call Forward Remote Access
  • Speed Calling-Short List
  • Speed Calling-Long List
  • Ring Again
  • Call Return
  • Automatic Recall
  • Customer Originating Trace for local calls
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Controled Toll Access
  • Per Call Blocking
  • Broadband Internet Service, See our Internet Offerings.
  • Computer Support and Servicing.

If you have any questions pertaining to our services or would like more information about the services and there prices please call or email us.


Contact Info

Open Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM


Phone:             417.277.5550/

Tech Support: 417.277.5557

Fax:                   417.277.5885

Service Tech always on Call.