Peace Valley Broadband was established in 2007 to provide high-speed Internet to the Peace Valley Missouri area. Peace Valley Broadband is a service provider for the Peace Valley Telephone CO local exchange area. Peace Valley Broadband is providing Broadband Internet service with speeds up to 4 megabits per second, up to 60 times faster then a standard Dial-up Connection. Our high-speed service is ran through a combination of Charles Industry carrier equipment and ADSL 2+ with no equipment to buy or rent from Peace Valley Broadband. All that is needed for pvbroadband service is telephone service through Peace Valley Telephone Co, a computer with an Ethernet card or a wireless router and a wireless card. Broadband internet does not require a second line, does not tie up the phone line and allows for watching streaming video and faster downloads. In addition to faster internet service our email service provides spam filtering eliminating most junk email from ever making it to your computer. We have a 24x7x365 help desk service as well as trained on site staff available during normal business hours. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Us.

Pvbroadband internet has three pricing options:

  • $56 per month with a month to month commitment.
  • $51 per month with a one year commitment.
  • $46 per month with a two year commitment.

  • To apply for internet service please go to our Forms Page and click on the terms and conditions link to print out our Terms and Conditons form for service or click here Terms and Conditions. Or stop by the office and one will be provided for you.

    Check your email from anywhere with Peace Valley Broadband Web Mail, go to Webmail

    If you have any questions on our Netowrk Policy and Practice for your servece please go to our Network Pollicy Page.

    To manage your account you can go to My Account
    If you need help navigating your acount management you can download Instructions.

    For helpful advice and tips to safe computing please check out our Tips page.

    In addition to our telephone based high speed internet PVBroadband is offering Viasat's Excede satellite internet through the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative. Excede offers up to 12 mbps down and 4 mbps up. Working with NRTC we are able to offer a 10 gb data limit in place of the standard 7.5 for the starting package. Viasat offers unlimited data between 12 and 5 am which allows for back ups and updates without using your monthly limit. For more information please contact us.

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    New website Launched for Peace Valley Telephone Co. Peace Valley Broadband’s Website updated and merged with Peace Valley Telephone Co.


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    Open Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM


    Phone:             417.277.5550/

    Tech Support: 417.277.5557

    Fax:                   417.277.5885

    Service Tech always on Call.